Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still wondering if The Action Machine is right for you, just read the questions and answers below...

  1. How is this different than all the other time-management programs I've seen or read?  - Put's simple to learn and use, and because of that, you actually use and benefit it - what a concept!
  2. How much time do I need each day to use The Action Machine? - Once you set it up, you can literally plan and set up a day's worth of action in less than a minute!
  3. What's the difference between The Action Machine and your Day Launcher System program? - The Action Machine is software for getting your to do list done and managing your time, while The Day Launcher System is a program that teaches you how to create a personal, daily success routine, where you spend a little time each day to learn, think, feel, and act in ways that create a life of excellence. In other words, going through The Day Launcher process would be something on your to do list that you would add to The Action Machine to make sure it gets done. :)
  4. Do I need anything else to benefit from the software? - Nothing but a simple commitment to use it daily! :)
  5. Does it work on the iPhone/iPad, or other smartphone device? - Currently, The Action Machine is designed to work on Windows and Mac OSX-based computers. I'm looking into creating version for the iPhone/iPad, and Android operating systems, but nothing is available as of yet.
  6. What if I want results now - do I have to wait for you to ship the software to me before I get started? - Not at all! The Action Machine software is available to you instantly after your purchase. You can begin using it right away!
  7. What if the software doesn't work for me? - Then it's all free. Here's how it works...If you use The Action Machine exactly as I show you, you are going to get things done, in shorter periods of time, than you ever have before. And if for some strange reason you don't, I will return 100% of your money - no questions asked.

Additional FAQs
Q: Why does text appear twice (ttwwiiccee) when entering a new action?

A: This is due to a strange conflict between The Action Machine and a program called ActiveWords. A workaround is to either disable ActiveWords when using The Action Machine, or start The Action Machine first, prior to starting ActiveWords.


Q: I'm not seeing the entire interface, what's wrong?

A: This is usually due to your screen resolution settings. The Action Machine requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Check to make sure yours is set to at least this setting.


Q: My Action Machine data has disappeared! What happened, and how can I get it back?

A: Some 3rd-party software (including browsers, or Windows 'cleaner' utilities) will remove the Action Machine data file (named ActionMachine.sol) when they 'sweep your computer clean', returning the software to its default state the next time it is used.

Specifically, the Action Machine data file is something many applications consider a 'Flash cookie', which is often considered as clutter, and totally unnecessary.

As an Action Machine user, this is not true!

If your data is disappearing for any reason, there's a good chance that you either have a browser or 'cleaner' application that is deleting your data file.

Believe me, this is as equally frustrating for me as it is for you!

Fortunately, you can take control to prevent this kind of overactive 'optimizing' of your computer and its data.

Gernerally speaking, check your browser's settings, or your cleaner software's settings for an option to prevent the deletion of Flash cookies.

Because it would be impossible for me to explain the step-by-step instructions for how to do this for every browser or cleaner application available, you can likely find instructions for doing this by searching the browser or cleaner's Help utility for words such as privacy, privacy settings, content settings, cookies, or flash settings.

You want to turn off any functionality that deletes cookies or sweeps your privacy settings clean! Of course, this is the most simple overall solution. If you still want to use the privacy functionality that I'm asking you to essentially turn off completely, most browsers and cleaner apps allow you to manage these kinds of setting with great detail, meaning you can still sweep everything, but with exceptions (such as Flash cookies). Search the browser or cleaner's Help utility for more information on how to do this.

Keep in mind, you may have both a browser AND a cleaner application that need to be checked.

Once you've turned off this 'feature', your data should remain in tact from that point forward, unless, of course, you install another browser or cleaner application that is set, by default, to remove Flash cookies.

To restore this file to its original location or to set your sweeper utility from removing it in the first place, you need to know its location on your computer, which is:

Windows 7/Vista
Main Drive > Users > [Your User Name] > App Data > Roaming > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects > [Random Folder Name] > localhost > ActionMachine.sol

Windows XP
Main Drive > Documents and Settings > [Your User Name] > Application Data > Macromedia > Flash Player > #SharedObjects > [Random Folder Name] > localhost > ActionMachine.sol


Q: How can I minimize the system resources used by The Action Machine?

A: For best results, minimize The Action Machine to the System Tray when you're not interacting or viewing it.

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